How to Install DracOS Linux on VirtualBox, Complete

How to Install DracOS Linux on VirtualBox, Complete. This Instalations tested in VirtualBox and Ubuntu 14.04

I’m sorry about missing title, but this tutorial is correct with “How to Run DracOS Linux on VirtualBox, Complete”. Because now DracOS can’t Stand Alone. You can install it with rsync:

What is DracOS ?

Dracos Linux is the Linux operating system, open source is built based on the Linux From Scratch. Dracos linux under the protection of the GNU General Public License v3.0. This operating system is one variant of Linux distributions, which is used to perform security testing (penetration testing). Dracos linux in Arm by hundreds hydraulic pentest, forensics and reverse engineering. Dracos linux does not use a GUI-based tools-tools and just have the software using the CLI (command line interface) to perform its operations

If you have an error like this “VBox on 14.04: Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)”, please following this tutorial first.

The fix for 14.04 is indeed different, but not that different:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential dkms
sudo apt-get remove –purge virtualbox-dkms
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms


* Download ISO


Non Official:

1. Create “New” Vitual Machine

Type Name, e.g: “DracOS”, and select type to “Linux” with “Version is Other Linux (64-bit)”.

1. Create “New” Vitual Machine

2. Memory Size

Change memory for your machine. For example we used “512 MB” for the Memory (RAM).

2. Memory Size

3. Hard Drive

Setup hard drive for your machine, Select to “Create a virtual hard drive now”. and then click “Create”.

3. Hard Drive

4. Hard drive file type

Select to “VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)”, and click “Next”. 

4. Hard Drive file type

5. Storage on physical hard drive

Select to “Dynamically allocated”, and then click “Next”.

5. Storage on physical hard drive

6. File location and size of HDD

Specify the location and size of HDD, example we use 15 GB Disk space. Then click “Create”.

6. File location and size

7. Find location of Disk Image (ISO) for your DracOS machine.

Click button Settings >> Select to menu “Storage”, and Click “Empty” disk in Storage Tree. Please select your disk image in CD/DVD Drive >> Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file… and then find DracOS iso file.

7. Find location of Disk Image (ISO) for your DracOS machine

Baca Juga

For example in this moment, we used “”.

8. File of

And then, you can see. File of was added.

8. Starting DracOS

Dracos Mahine is Ready. Now, click button “Start” in your VirtualBox to starting DracOS. You can see, we have two options, please select first selection, it is “Boot the live system (x86_64)”.

8. Starting DracOS

9. Login Access for DracOS

DracOS Linux is similiar with other linux distributions, such as Kali Linux, BackTrack, and other. Default username login for DracOS is “root” with password “toor”.

9. Login Access for DracOS

10. Starting System with startx

Type “startx” to starting system DracOS Linux.

10. Starting System with startx

11. Desktop DracOS

Yeah, now DracOS was successfully installed in VirtualBox. and this is Desktop of DracOS Linux Vairusa final release 1.

11. Desktop DracOS

12. Terminal and Shortcuts

In DracOS Linux, for going to Terminal/Console, you can press “Windows + Shift + Enter”. You can use this some shortcuts in DracOS:

    URxvt (Terminal)windows + shift + enter
    LFM (File Manager)windows + shift + t
    Links (Browser)windows + shift + l
    Scrot (Screenshot)prtsc
    DMenu (Application Spawner)windows + p
    Dracos-Menuwindows + shift+ d
    Close Windowwindows + shift + c
    Move Windowwindows + left click
    Resize Windowwindows + right click

    NULLwindows + f (default layout)
    MONOCLEwindows + m
    TILEwindows + t
    GAPPLES GRIDwindows + g
12. Terminal and Shortcuts

13. Connecting to Internet with enp0s3 on VirtualBox

[root@dracOs]$ iwconfig
[root@dracOs]$ ifconfig enp0s3 up
[root@dracOs]$ dhclient enp0s3
[root@dracOs]$ ifconfig enp0s3
[root@dracOs]$ ping

Setup Internet DracOS on VirtualBox

14. LFM (File Manager) in DracOS

This is file manager in DracOS, you can press “Windows + Shift + T” to show it.

14. LFM (File Manager) in DracOS

15. Showing DracOS-Menu

If you want to show DracOS-Menu, you can press “Windows + Shift+ D”. Like this picture bellow, you can see, bottom of Desktop have a some menus. Have 6 Category, such as “pentest-tools, webclient, mailclient, fileclient, irssiclient, and shell”.

For more information about DracOS, you can checkout at DracOS Official:


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